Friday, November 16, 2012


Chapter Three

He climbed onto the bed and lay next to me on his side, propping himself up on his right arm. Fixed in his gaze, I felt him reach over with his left hand and lightly touch my chest. He drew it down my stomach, stopping on my abdomen. The hairs on my body became alive, electric, aroused as he brushed over them. It felt like someone drew a feather over my skin.

From the moment I saw him in the doorway, our eyes locked and I was fixed in his piercing stare. I did not see his hand move, only felt it. He didn’t look at my body once, only directly into my eyes. I was consumed by his gaze. I could see his loneliness, his longing, his hunger and desire.


Chapter Nine

The final questions were asked, and the last stitches of clothing lay on the barn floor. We stood facing each other for a moment, naked, without any barriers. Our eyes taking in as much of the other’s form as possible. Neither one of us had a body of a young man. Those days were in the past. We had some wrinkles, lines, and soft features. We were muscular, not defined, and we both had a slight belly. He was beautiful, and I could only hope he saw me the same way.


Chapter Thirteen

It was imperceptible to everyone else in the room, but me. Lauren didn’t even pick up on it. When Lavinia’s name was mentioned, I felt an energy swell around us. I glanced up and saw the chandelier swaying ever so slightly, as if a faint breeze came through the room. I noticed, because the prisms reflected in the crystal pendants changed with the movement.

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